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Bars & Restaurants in Lagos: Visitor Reviews

Bars & Restaurants in Lagos: Visitors' Reviews

In frustration at the paucity of Lagos web sites to which I could point people, I have decided to create an informal page where YOU can tell the wider world what places either made your holiday, or turned it into a 'whatever-you-do-don't-eat-the-prawns', living Hell on Earth.

E-mail me at: if you have a review to contribute. Please include your age and nationality.

Entries will eventually be listed according to establishment, but as I have to date received but a single missive, here's what Josie Shinn had to recommend:

CACHOA GALERIA/RESTAURANT Restaurant, Quatro Estradas, on the Luz turn-off#

"Lovely and varied international dishes. A refreshing change from the standard restaurant fare, ie. the same menu every OTHER restaurant in Lagos seems to share. Couverts actually WORTH having. Great entrees, best and biggest salads in town, loads of veggie dishes. Nice decor and friendly staff. Worth the drive." ----R. Correia Jan./2000
ED.'s NOTE: New web page at: Cachoa

MULLEN'S Bar & Restaurant, Rua Candido dos Reis, across from the cinema

"First of all, Mullens. It really gets going at about 1am after everyone's fairly well-oiled and the table dancing starts! It's a great bar with really friendly staff and it's always really busy - not the place for people who like a quieter night out!! And the drinks always seem really cheap too - surely a great bonus! Go to this bar - if only to see the very old chap who joins in with the table dancing every night, without fail!!"

[Wow. Is he still around? He must be 104 by now, and still boogieing. Is it the yoghurt or the Macieira keeping him going? -Admin's note]

BARROCA Bar & Restaurant, Rua da Barroca, n.1

"I also think you should add Barrocca bar onto your site. Lovely interior, lovely food and again, the bar people are really friendly. Well I would say that because we know them really well! And on thursdays all the glitterati of Lagos make their way down there - "party night". They play good music, a mix of jazz and funk and alternative sounds...a very trendy place!"

[Hmm..'all the glitterati of Lagos', eh? Where've I been?-Admin.]

N.B.: Actually, kids, Barroca's not open as we speak (Jan. 15/2000). I don't know if it will be re-opening in the summer or under the same ownership, but you can always try....:-)
UPDATE: Open under new management (May '00). Someone PLEASE send me a review!

BON VIVANT Bar, Rua 25 de Abril, down at the end; you can hardly miss it

"And Bonvivante too. On four floors, very nice interior, but a bit more expensive than the other bars. Understandable, because it's such a nice place. Very good music, reall gets going about 2/3 am after people leave the other bars and stagger down here. What we thought was always a good idea was to start at the basement bar and have maybe two drinks, and then work our way up to the terrace on the top floor, having 2 drinks on each floor as we went. Always does the trick!!"

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