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GUIDES AND AREA DESCRIPTIONS Some Lagos specific, some more general information on Portugal, or European travelling. Some useful places to start before embarking on a major trip unarmed with a little local knowledge:

Hotwired's Rough Guide Short Description of Lagos, Portugal
Brief historical tutorial of Lagos. But beware!!! Some of the Rough Guide's tips to local restaurants and bars are notoriously outdated...

Discover Portugal
Good general reference for all of Portugal, although the Lagos entry, to me, seems to have been given rather short shrift.

Lonely Planet Guide to Travel in Portugal
An excellent comprehensive resource for anyone contemplating a trip to bonny Portugal. Many useful extras- value guide, phrasebook, etc.

Expedia Travel Resource
I have a theory that they put a drug in the drinking water that makes you want to buy Microsoft products, but I can't prove it.Anyway-a good place to start your travels(&chat)Best viewed with Netscape!

A travel resource for in EU.Advice on trip prep.,euro-railing,back-pking,destinations and accom.Incl. hostel reviews,feature articles,travelogues,messageboards,&free newsletter

Virtual Tourist .com
Travel guides by visitors and residents alike. Look for the notable entry on Lagos by some jaded someone who seems to feel that only the foreigners get drunk and loud (tee hee- Riiiiiight.).

Art of Travel On-line Guide
Not location specific, but packed full of useful information for the novice traveller and veteran alike- Features transport tips- money and crime avoidance advice, etc., etc.

RESOURCES/BUSINESS DIRECTORIES For you, who knows what (s)he's looking for. Lagos-specific contact information for businesses, services, etc..

The Algarve Business Directory
A quick and useful resource for the southernmost region of Portugal.

Portugal Info- Algarve, Lagos Section
The whole site is impressively comprehensive, on a national scale, but the listings for restaurants, services, etc. are minimal at best(e.g.Ed's Bar-Somewhere in Lagos), so bring your local phone book

ACCOMMODATION Many of you ask me about specific accommodation options in the Lagos area. Check these out first if you're looking for a place to stay in the short-term:
Casa Grande
Quaint, gorgeous guesthouse in the village of Burgau. Just up from the beach and perfect for that special romantic get away. Surprisingly affordable, with an excellent restaurant.

BackPackers' Ultimate Guide to Europe
ESSENTIAL guide for the novice backpacker. Link sends you to the Portugeuse Train Guide page, but I recommend surfing the entire site.

Worldwide Hostel Guide
If it's hostels you want, they're all here!

Virtual Portugal's List of Accommodations in the Algarve
Hey kids!!- Here's that list of places to stay in the Algarve that you've been waiting for! Listed according to ranking (stars); notes facilities.

Internet Holiday Rentals
More places to stay in the Algarve, just in case you're one of these plan-ahead, right-side-of-the-brain type of people!

Nexus Property Rentals
Click on the appropriate rental section, as I can't seem to manage a more direct link.

Also, we always like to recommend the

Residencial Rubi-Mar
as affordable rooms of high quality (breakfast included). Contact them by e-mail for rates/more info at:

BARS & RESTAURANTS Whilst it may be impossible to walk two or three cobbled steps in Lagos without coming upon someplace to eat, drink, and be merry, I list here some of our personal favourites. If you've been particularly impressed by a bar/restaurant in Lagos, please e-mail me and we'll look into the possibility of adding them here:
Stones Bar
It's kinda like 'Cheers', but you air-guitar more...

Cachoa Galeria & Restaurant
Go on- Treat yourself! Lovely garden setting just outside Lagos, with scrumptious international menu. Veggie choices.

BAHIA Beach Bar
Excellent views of Meia Praia beach (all 17 fabulous kms of it!), while you wine and dine.

Casa Grande Guesthouse's 'ADEGA' Restaurante
Remember those quaint, atmospheric, after-theatre type restaurants you used to frequent at uni in order to demonstrate what a worldly sophisticate you were? Well, there's one here too! Groovy food, veggie options (for a change, in Portugal!). Live music on Tuesdays. 13km from Lagos, but well worth the trip.

CASA ROSA Bar/Restaurant/Backpacker's Palace
-Can be found at n. 22, Rua do Ferrador in central Lagos and are NOT to be missed. Don't take my word for it- they're listed in all the guide books. You won't find a better vegetarian selection in this town, either.


Blue Ocean Divers
Our favourite-est divers on the Algarve! Facilities for the handicapped.

NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES On-line & English in the Algarve:
The Algarve Resident
The Algarve's premier English-language paper- Relevant news and extensive classifieds, if you're, say, looking for a used washing machine whilst on holiday.

Algarve Living- The Virtual Edition
On-line version of an Algarve region magazine. Nacional news, interesting articles, etc. Just to give you a flavour of our little corner of the world...

DISCUSSION GROUPS Post your questions on bulletin boards, etc., if you're not e-mailing them to me as we speak:
European Traveller's Newgroup

Worldwide Hostel Guide
Call it the Scots connection if you will, but I can't get enough of this site as a resource for CHEAP travel in Europe.This link'll take you directly to the bulletin boards. Look for the new chat room

LISTS OF LINKS MORE USEFUL THAN MINE Let it not be said that I don't know when I'm beaten. Here are extremely useful sites that I cannot hold a candle to- Why repeat the links on these links, when you can surf them for yourselves?
TOWNNET- Around the World
The Mother of All Portuguese Link Pages- Thorough to the point of discouraging me to continue with this, my own pale link imitation

IDEAMEN-Links to Portugeuse Home Pages
Ah. It's good to see quality work in this day and age; This is everything you could possible want to know about Portugal and more, so much more...

Last chance to sign that Guestbook!
CLICK HERE, particularly if you have a Lagos experience that you'd be willing to share with us.

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